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5 Tips To Succeed In School & Overcome the Pandemic

Each of us is experiencing many emotions with the thought of returning back to school.


1. Be real about what you’re going through.

As you prepare to return back to school, check-in with yourself about how you are really feeling. Write out the top 3 things you are excited about, and the top 3 things you are concerned about. Then, share these with a best friend or parent so you can feel their support and receive their words of wisdom.

If you want an outside assessment of your feelings and experiences but aren't yet ready to speak to a friend, parent, teacher, counselor, or doctor, you can use Mental Health America's free and anonymous screening tool. You can print the results as a conversation starter with a trusted adult or doctor. You can also websites designed for teens like Seize the Awkward and Half of Us

2. Know who is in your inner circle:

To be safe in this pandemic, we have had to be conscious of physical distancing from others. Yet, it is likely that for each of us we have had just a few family members or friends where we can be close, connect, and take our masks off. When you are at school, it’s vital to keep your physical face mask on. But you can share your true feelings and thoughts with those who are in your inner circle of trust. Lean into people who will help you maintain a sense of calm, like your mentor. Also, connect with extra-curricular activities, your community or faith-based organizations for a sense of belonging and support.

3. Engage in activities mind, body and spirit.

It is likely that this school year some of your activities will be limited for everyone’s health and safety. Rather than sulking about what’s missing, instead engage in what you can still enjoy with your mind, body, and spirit. According to a researcher at the London School of Economics, our happiness is determined by how you allocate your attention. So, if you focus on what is good in your current circumstances, then you will be happier. It’s good to also have a plan for the moments when stress and anxiety strike. If you need to learn new skills, Mental Health America's check out back-to-school’s toolkit

4. Have daily self-care.

Make your health and safety a priority in how you care for yourself. Follow health precautions and the safety measures your school has put in place. This also helps protect others and does good for your community. Ensure you are getting enough sleep and eating healthy food to support a healthy body and mind. Find at least one thing you can look forward to and enjoy doing on any school day. 

5. Prepare for further changes.

 “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between,” -Maya Angelou. 

If the last six months have taught us anything, it’s that things keep changing. Once the school year starts this will be no exception. Have a plan and a daily schedule that helps you succeed in school and be prepared to change it according to how the school year goes. Plan times for doing school work, relaxing, and connecting with friends. 

Know that us here at Rising Calm Center are cheering you on and are here for you especially during this time!


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